Screen shots of WITM

In addition to the screen shot showing an XP PC connected, to a WITM enabled web server, here are a number of screen shots showing the WITM interface on a couple of very different computers. One is a Sun Ultra 80 workstation with Mozilla 1.7. This looks very similar to the XP PC. Note the exact type of the Mathematica kernel is printed (Mathematica 5.2 for Sun Solaris (UltraSPARC)), whereas on the mobile device screen shots only the version (5.2) is printed.

WITM version 0.63 viewed with Mozilla

WITM + Mozilla

WITM & Mozilla.

Using WITM on a mobile device (example is hp iPAQ)

Here are two photos of a mobile device (HP iPAQ) attempting to access WITM. In the first case this succeeds, and prints the version number of Mathematica (5.2). In the second case WITM was purposely mis-configured, so the connection fails.
3D graph on iPAQ PDA WITM not connected to Mathematica kernel

Further examples of WITM connecting to Mathematica 5.2

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