WITM by Dr. David Kirkby

Here is the FAQ, or Frequently Asked Questions for WITM.

Question: Does WITM come with software that I can install on my PDA to access Mathematica? Question: Is WITM easy to install? Question: The notebook interface of Mathematica is quite hard to use, with the cells. Would using the much simpler web-based interface of WITM be a sensible way to learn Mathematica? Question: What operating systems are supported? Question: I don't have administrative (root) access on the server which runs Mathematica and Apache. Would it be possible for me to install WITM and access Mathematica, without bothering my system admin? Question: What are the differences between WITM and webMathematica? Question: Can WITM be used to allow a large number of people to use Mathematica? Question: Does WITM use Mathlink, which is the connectivity technology that allows a Mathematica front end to communicate with a kernel. Question: Since it does not use Mathlink how does WITM work? Question: Does WITM work if the web server is on a different machine to the Mathematica kernel? Question: Do I need to ensure that Mathematica restarts at boot time, or if it crashes for whatever reason? Question: I've installed WITM, but it does not work. What now?
Question: I have some suggestions for improvement, or I wish to add to WITM. Question: I've configured WITM, but whilst it works, it does not request a password, so anyone can get at it. What can I do? Question: Is the username and password sent to WITM encrypted, so it can't be sniffed over the internet?

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