Notes about WITM

The following plain ASCII text files are other documents distributed with WITM which are mainly of interest to those installing WITM rather than those using it on a day-to-day basis.


The BUGS file lists known bugs.


The COPYING file is a copy of the GNU General Public License. More license information both about WITM and Mathematica are available online.

FAQ (not necessarily current)

This is a list of freqently asked questions. Actually, if the truth be known not all of these have been asked, but they might answer questions people might think of asking!

This text file is not necessarily up to date - that fact is made clear at the top of the file. The current FAQ is maintained as a PHP file and can be found on the web at The text file FAQ is created by copying the contents of a browser windows to the file, so the formatting may be a bit odd too.


The ChangeLog documents the main changes from the first public release of WITM ( 0.51 on the 25th May 2006) to the current release.


The INSTALL file describes how to install WITM. It is not very useful, as it just points you to the Logo Valid HTML 4.01 Valid CSS!