Mathematica on a PDA (iPAQ, Palm, Dell Axim etc)

Whilst a modern PDA is powerful, with the fastest at the time of writing (June 2006) having CPUs running at over 600 MHz, Wolfram Research have not announced any plans to release a version of Mathematica which will run on a PDA. However, using WITM on a UNIX/Linux server via a WiF, Bluetooth or other network it is possible to use Mathematica from a PDA. In my opinion, Mathematica using WITM is considerably easier to use than a Telnet or SSH client to access the server from the PDA. This is especially so if the output of the commands is graphics - i.e. a graph or similar. The following 2 images show Mathematica being run first with WITM, then with a commerical SSH client.

Mathematica on a Pocket PC using the free GPL'ed WITM

2D plot via Mathematica on SSH client

Mathematica on an hp iPAQ PDA using a commerical SSH client (PocketTTY).

2D plot via Mathematica on SSH client

It should be obvious the WITM interface is much better, but this is even more obvious on more complex graphs. Logo Valid HTML 4.01 Valid CSS!